space, environment and context: gestures and scores

works for documenta14's broadcasting station SAVVY Funk in Berlin
17.06.2017 - 07.07.2017 listen live

Multiverse Crosstalk Radio on July 2, 2017 11:40–12:00 listen back

With works by Astrid Kraniger, Christian Schmidts, Dmytro Goncharenko, Kathrin Hunze, Kohei Kimura, Mengxuan Sun, Yigit Daldikler – accompanied by the Magical Number 14, a text on Digit/Figure/ Numeral/Number (Ziffer) from Flusseriana, Joseph Weizenbaum's "Computer Power and Human Reason. From Judgement to Calculation (1976)" in German: "Die Macht der Computer und die Ohnmacht der Vernunft" and a rendition of a dialog with Weizenbaum's computer psychiatrist ELIZA.... Presented by Alberto de Campo and Anne Wellmer with two laptops, two mics and a big bag of books. Radio technician of the moment: Grit Lieder.

space, environment and context: gestures and scores is the name of a course taught by Anne Wellmer at Universität der Künste within the branch of Art and Media in the spring of 2017. Subject of the course are methods and works by composers and sound artists that reinvent notation to serve their ideas of what music and listening are. The pieces below are original works and sketches by the students that can be freely mixed – or listened to individually. They are partly inspired by John Cage (Fontana Mix, 1958), Max Neuhaus (Listen, 1966) and Alvin Lucier (...Memory Space, 1970).

Multiverse Crosstalk Radio was a radio format by Alberto de Campo, Hannes Hoelzl and Magdalena Kobzova for documenta14's Savvy Funk, which was broadcasting daily from June 17th until July 7th, 2017.

Astrid Kraniger
media artist, painter
Wääh II
1'45" - 4.2 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3

Generative voice scream recordings combined with real voice scream recordings controlled by crazy supercollider code. How emotionally touching can generative voices be for us?

Vibes II
58" - 2.3 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3

One Recording of the performance "Vibes". A performance with two performers in different locations over the ether. The Word "Talk" in morse code ("- .- .-.. -.-") as vibration pattern for 2 devices gives the rythm. One performer controlls the time, the other the modification of the sound.
Vibes I
1'01" - 2.4 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3

Wäh I
1'08" - 2.7 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3
Christian Schmidts
architect, computer artist
Fontanas I
3'22" - 8.1 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3

Fontanas II
1'18" - 3.1 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3
Sound protocol
44" - 1.7 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3
Dmytro Goncharenko
photographer, sound artist
2'54" - 7 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3

Understanding of the unconscious turn of random events and accidents. queue of events is subordinated to their own rhythm, both inner and shared. awareness of this rhythm objectifies unique and organic reality: as a rhythmic organism.
56" - 2.2 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3

Sound protocol
20" - 805 KB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3
Kathrin Hunze
mixed media artist
5'23" - 12.9 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3

Sound collage with different field recordings and Hordijk Synthesizer.

LAAC - life as a construct
2'22" - 5.7 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3

The LAAC project deals with genetic data and synthetic life in virtual space. The sound is a first attempt at capturing how emerging synthetic life sounds. The sound was generated with SuperCollider and based on a class from Julian Rohrhuber. (
Mix Balkon
1'29" - 3.6 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3

3'35" - 8.6 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3

Sound protocol I
52" - 2.1 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3

Sound protocol II
1'18" - 3.1 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3
Kohei Kimura
inventor and artist
1' - 2.4 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3

Mix Midi
59" - 2.4 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3
1'19" - 3.1 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3
Sound protocol
1'14" - 2.9 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3
Mengxuan Sun
new media artist
Hordijk Implus
3'18" - 7.8 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3

Supercollider Playbuffer
3'32" - 8.4 - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3
Hordijk Synth I
2'53" - 6.9 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3

Hordijk Synth II
3'19" - 8 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3
Yigit Daldikler
performance artist
Shadow Boxing
35" - 1.4 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3

It is a motion based sound design piece generated by Isadora. It’s basically designed transferring data of gesture to motion, motion to sound. A short sound patch added on generator, connected with a cam sensor, with the light contrast in the space, any gesture tracked by sensor triggered sound to play. So the whole structure is to make a performer play percussion-like instruments with the same gesture without an actual instrument.

3'44" - 9 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3

It’s a journey starting from Kottbuser Tor ends at Hermanplatz Ubahn station. Time was 23:32 when I started. Rather taking a main street to reach the target directly, the route took place side streets doing zig-zags through. On the journey there was a sound never changed while walking that was my key chain hanging on my bag sounds like bell rings. So it reminds me how long I am walking as a time lapser. During the journey, I perceive the sound mainly as a cloud sometimes walking towards myself, sometimes me diving into a huge cloud surrounding me that made me feel I’m in the center. The journey ended with running into an urban musician playing his transverse flute, kept as a ‘ohrwurm’ in my memory.

1'44" - 4.2 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3

Program: Fontana Mixer 2.0
Used sounds:
1- christian-mono-norm
2- dmytro-mono-norm
3- kathrin-bus-mono-norm
4- kohei-mono-norm
Sounds installed as different patches and randomly manipulated.
Mix Elements
50" - 2 MB - 48kHz - 320bit - mp3

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