lichtklangphonogramm is an installation of historical and re-invented optical and mechanical sound machines from the era of the wax cylinder phonograph by Melissa Cruz Garcia, Aleks Kolkowski, Matteo Marangoni and Anne Wellmer.

14/3/2013 - 25/5/2013

Ethnologisches Museum, Lansstr.8, 14195 Berlin-Dahlem
finnissage performance on Sunday 26/5/2013, 16-17h
Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday 10-18h, Sat+Sun 11-18h
U3 Dahlem Dorf

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photos by ed jansen

photos by anne wellmer

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aleks kolkowski

matteo marangoni

melissa cruz garcia

»lichtklangphonogramm« is one of two winning projects of the open call »Musik Sehen« on visualising sound and music in the context of the Music Ethnology Collections of the Berliner Phonogramm-Archiv, which was conceived by Elke Moltrecht for Humboldt Lab Dahlem as part of Probebühne 1 at the Ethonological Museum in Berlin. Alongside »lichtklangphonogramm« by Cruz, Kolkowski, Marangoni and Wellmer »Musik Sehen« also shows »participants and objectives — 8 takes on filming music« by Daniel Kötter and Raumlabor Berlin.

With special thanks to:
Duncan Miller, Vulcan Records, Sheffield / Science Museum Workshops, London / Erfan Abdi, Production Assistance, Den Haag / Zolle & Marcus Riedel, Lighting and Technical Assistance, Berlin / Verena Höhn, Andreas Richter, Albrecht Wiedmann, Phonogramm Archive / Andrea Ortiz Diaz, Production Assistance, Bogota / Erich Nixel, Annette Begerow, Berlin / Toverlantaarn Museum Den Haag / Museum Speelklok, Utrecht