Tanja Smit – slide projections, composition
Sara Nuytemans - lighting design
Edo Kuipers - video recordings
Juan Parra - audio recordings

Orlando Aguilar Velazguez - percussion, voice
Jelte van Andel - double bass, voice, laptop
Ángel Faraldo - voice, laptop, sound design
Marie Guilleray - voice, laptop
Anne La Berge - flute, laptop, voice
Cora Schmeiser - voice, tibetan bowls, toys
Anne Wellmer - voice, laptop, ARP2600, toys

video by Edo Kuipers & Tanja Smit


1. Village Voice - for voices and one microphone - composition by Cora Schmeiser 2'18"
2. Tot een overtuigend - for short wave radio, electronics and percussion 4'09"
   50.000 años - for solo percussion 1'03"
   Atraves de las sondas - for voices and percussion 3'22"
   composition in three parts by Orlando Aguilar
3. Las mujeres - for voices, double bass and percussion - composition by Tanja Smit 1'17"
4. An-an - for tibetan bowls and voice - composition by Cora Schmeiser 7'59"
5. Ignacio Coronel - for light bulb, laptops, voices, , flute, percussion, arp2600, double bass 13'03"
   composition by Anne La Berge


6. La memoria - for laptops and voices - composition by Ángel Faraldo 6'03"
7. Uilen - for voices, flute, double bass, toys, percussion - composition by Anne Wellmer 14'59"
8. Kende Sartre - for percussion and double bass - composition by Tanja Smit 1'51"
9. El amor - for voices, flute, double bass - composition by Cora Schmeiser 2'22"
10.Mullican - for voices, percussion, flute, double bass - composition by Marie Guilleray 6'15"
11.Het Leven - for four voices - composition by Tanja Smit 55"

of music in language, sonifications
2 and 3 September 2011, Theater Zeebelt, The Hague

Seven composer/performers re-interpret a selection of Tanja Smit's textworks as graphic scores
A project initiated by Anne Wellmer and Tanja Smit

A first short performance of textworks took place during Mops (aoaa) in Studio Loos in January 2011. In the meantime textworks by Tanja Smit have been performed by different ensembles in The Netherlands in a variety of settings.


















foto by Guus Rijven