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current & coming up

housemusik für räume in den haag, a day with architects, sonic spaces, interruptions and wallpaper music
WEST, den haag, 3 may 2024, all day long

‘homecoming’, 50th anniversary of the Wesleyan Center for the Arts
CFA, wesleyan university, middletown/CT, usa, 10-12 may 2024

hemelen, installation & solo-set, Halbschatten, Haunt, Berlin, 17 may 2024



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2013–2016 ARCHIVING

disclosure of the Dick Raaijmakers Archive within the Sonology Database
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as a member of the new emergences team

with matteo marangoni  iii: wonderwerp concert series and residency program
| 54 | 55 | 56 | 57 | 58 | 59 | 60 | 61 | 62 | 63 |
katherine liberovskaya & phill niblock in den haag
ed jansen pix | more | studio loos (2014/2015)

MoPS (aoaa) | studio loos (2011)

alvin lucier in den haag | documentation | festival dag in de branding (2010)

scheitern lernen, hommage to dick raaijmakers | tesla in berlin) (2007)






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2024                                                 UP

the octopussies
  duo with performer composer kristin norderval
  femfest, worm, rotterdam, march 8 2024

• performance with the s4ntp, acud club, berlin, 14 february 2024

• performance with the s4ntp, dock 11, berlin, 2 february 2024

2023                                                 UP

• teaching at gencomp, Udk Medienhaus, Berlin, WS 2023-2024

residency at EMS, Stockholm, August 14 – August 30, 2023

• participation with the society for nontrivial pursuits at xcoax 2023
  performance environments and performances
  six strange strings, at Galerie Eigenheim, Weimar, Germany, July 5-7 2023
  neural labyrinths, at Nivre, Weimar, Germany, 7 july 2023

berliner biophonie der fünf elemente / five elements of berlin biophony
  exhibition, sound installation, interventions, acoustic research stations, lectures, performances and concert
  participants include alberto de campo, florian dombois, echo ho, ariane jeßulat, michal kinderney, kirsten reese, anne wellmer a.o.
  Ernst Reuter Platz with the bauhause reuse pavillion, berlin, germany, may 15–21 2023

klamotten. klimatten. klangmitten.
  a unique upcycling campaign during the Kunstwochen für Klima und Umwelt in karlsruhe, germany
  GEDOK Künstlerinnenforum, karlsruhe, germany, 2–7 may 2023

• sound work and live performance for the exhibition why should i look up at the stars
  Galerie Durchgang, basel, switzerland, march 30–april 21 2023

• performances with members of the Society for Nontrivial Pursuits
  • Last Tear * Exil live audio with alberto de campo for a live visual environment by mengxuan sun
  • Six Strange Strings, installation and performance environment
  performance with alberto de campo, hannes hoelzl, leon eckard and agnes the alphorn
  during the three day event when if not now at Mahalla in Berlin, Feb 3-5 2023

2022                                                 UP

• teaching at gencomp, Udk Medienhaus, Berlin, WS 2022-2023

• lecture Hannah Arendt´s Badewanne, eine Vorstellung
  Zwitschermaschine, Berlin, Oct 30, 2022

Acoustic Interiors, Royal Conservatoire
  Juliana van Stolberglaan & Amare, Den Haag, November 2021 - October 2022

Acoustic Interiors – publication of 29 postcards in an edition of 350
  available for free at the reception of the Royal Conservatoire on the 4th floor of Amare, October 2022

on and on and on and on, a 30 hour train journey encapsulated in a 20 minute audio-visual solo-set
  rewire presents at DCR open, studio loos, den haag, 17 september 2022

talk, Simultan Festival, Timisoara, , 11 September 2022

bang in the middle, (2022) 4 channel solo set, Simultan Festival 2022, Timisoara, 10 September 2022 

• performance with s4ntp, Ars Electronica, splace am Hauptplatz, Kunstuni Linz, 7 September 2022

Acoustic Interiors – online release, 1 September 2022

• release of the Teufelsberg Domecast #15 Anne Wellmer via bandcamp and formaviva, sep 2022

again and again and again (2022), Teufelsberg Domecast, performance

• Neural Labyrinths, performative generative installation
  participation in installation & performances by Alberto de Campo's
  Meinblau, Singuhr, Unexpected Territories
  Festival about and around David Tudor, Berlin, 2.-10.Juli 2022

teaching within generative arts, UdK in Berlin, sommersemester 2022, april-july 2022

2021                                                 UP

• 30 Jahre DEGEM, ZKM, Karlsruhe, oct 2021

• Sonotopien, Düsseldorf, oct 2021

• (online) teaching within generative arts, UdK in Berlin, WS 2021-2022, oct 2021-feb 2022

in a room, cultura nova, Heerlen, 30 aug 2021

post paradise, iii, Den Haag, 2 juli 2021

• (online) teaching within generative arts, UdK in Berlin, SS 2021, april-july 2021

we are sitting in a zoom, with students at UdK, Medienhaus, Berlin, march 2021

future voices, for CTM festival, Deutschlandfunk Kultur and ORF Kunstradio
  with the Society for Nontrivial Pursuits, Berlin, jan 2021

popopostponed/cacacancelled due to cococorona

• solo exhibition at Kunstverein Viernheim (DE) in 2021 - dates t.b.a.
• residency at EMS studios in Stockholm, Sweden in 2021 - april/may 2021

2020                                                 UP

• 5 month fellowship at the Center for Humanities & Social Change at Humboldt University in Berlin (DE)

• residency and performance, Parque del iSOLation | soundlab und soundpicknick, Lames, St. Pölten (AT), 3-9 august 2020

• de stad is van ons . work on podcast series by renate zentzschnig

Der Pfeifengarten (2016) is included in Audiosphere at Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid - 30 Sep 2020 – 11 Jan 2021

• waltzer - und sie dreht sich doch
  a waltz for IMA anniversary video book "The Gala"
  due to covid19 presented online at 29 nov 2020

• (online) teaching within generative arts, UdK in Berlin, april-july 2020

• performances of Opera with Objects by Alvin Lucier, Ready Making #2, Errant Sound, Berlin, 10 + 12 July 2020

• live streaming with johan van kreij from studio loos in den haag, LOOS CHANNEL 22 may 2020

Optosonic Tea extravaganza, streaming via nownetarts, nyc (usa), 26 april 2020

popopostponed/cacacancelled due to cococorona

• sound for theater project "Eerst zien dan geloven" - by Hanna Timmers, CC Amstel Theater in Amsterdam (NL)
• panel member on where's the revolution - 24 april 2020 at c/o pop convention in Cologne (D)
• performance and workshop with Hannes Hoelzl & Alberto de Campo - 8-10 may 2020 at re:publica 2020 in Berlin

2019                                                 UP

• one of seven performers in
The Exquisite Corpse > recomposing the body by Semay Wu
new emergences event no.21, performance and talk
• iii den haag, 22 November 2019
• splendor amsterdam, 23 November 2019

machinenmuzik: arp song III (2017) tape piece as part of
Alchimie, Concert portrait et carte blanche d'Erik Nyström,
L’Espace Senghor, Bruxelles, 8 October 2019

curating & hosting new emergences event no.19,
power tools > engineering [as] empowerment
lecture discussion event at iii workspace in The Hague,
with Andreas Broeckmann, Elise Schimana, Byrke Lou and Rebekah Wilson,
Den Haag, 29 September 2019

narra (2019)
solo set for the garden of Jan van Eyck Academie
Sounds from the Deep, Jan van Eyck Academie,
Opening Cultureel Seizoen Maastricht | Bruis x Het Parcours,
Maastricht, 31 August 2019


• performance during the night of THE SOCIETY FOR NONTRIVIAL PURSUITS #511
, Berlin, 1 december 2018

as time stands still it flies by (2018)
AV aolo set at Synthposium, Плутон/Pluton, Москва/Moscow, 17 november 2018

• conversation with Alexander Senko and Stas Sharifullin at ARTWERK 2018
II Российско-Германский Форум Креативных Индустрий
II Deutsch-Russisches Kreativ-Wirtschafts-Forum
Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art, Москва/Moscow, 16 november 2018

• performance at SoundART, WDR Hörspielstudio 3, Museumnacht Köln, 3 november 2018

• surprise Duo Set for the Grand [Re]Opening of the WORM studio
with Reinier van Houdt on the Optigan and myself on the Arp2600
WORM, Rotterdam, 3 July 2018

Don’t tickle my nipple (2018)
multichannel-piece for Paraphernalia, an exhibtion
curated by Ricardo Arias, Casa Hoffmann
, Bogota, Colombia, 10 May 2018 – 8 June 2018

podcast for Ei! Ei! – De wonderlijke reis van twee eieren en een poppenkast
a children's book by Harriët van Reek & Geerten Ten Bosch
book presentation on March 31 in Villa Augustus, Dordrecht, 31 March 2018

New Emergences #12 trans and noise with Charles Celeste Hutchins, joined on the panel by Fani Konstatinidou, Joel Ryan and Johanna Monk, moderated by Looi van Kessel, Broedplaats Lely, Amsterdam, 25 Februari 2018


machinenmuzik: arp song III (2017)
published on the CD Post Scriptum: Music from the Institute of Sonology
by the Institute of Sonology, Den Haag, fall 2017

Rebroadcasting Multiverse Crosstalk Radio
Electronic Frequencies, Concertzender, 19 Juli 2017, 23:00

•  featuring as all weather expert next to Golo Föllmer –
in Gívan Belá's weather reports
at documenta14's broadcasting station SAVVY Funk

daily schedule
11:05–11:10 – the weather brunch
12:05–12:10 – how wet are you today?
13:05–13:10 – siesta time
14:05–14:10 – the weather soap
15:05–15:10 – not my kinda climate
16:05–16:10 – how to listen to the sky
17:05–17:10 – the weather song
for more info on the weather click here
Savvy Funk, live from Berlin, 17 june – 7 july 2017

• guest at Multiverse Crosstalk Radio, a radio format by Alberto de Campo, Hannes Hoelzl and Magdalena Kobzova for documenta14's Savvy Funk, featuring works by students of the class space, environment and context: gestures and scores at udk-berlin.
Savvy Funk, July 2, 2017 11:40–12:00

• guest at Intermission Transmission Temporal, a radio format by Leo Asemota for documenta14's Savvy Funk, presenting audio recordings that we made at the empty library by Micha Ullman on Bebelplatz in Berlin where the Nazi book burnings began in 1933.
Savvy Funk, 22 June, 2017, 16:30-17:00

bunkersalon: infinity, with Martin Burckhardt (author, philosopher), Bernhard Günther (artistic director Wien Modern), Anne Wellmer (media-artist), moderated by Patrick Hahn, bunkersalon, resonanzraum St. Pauli, Hamburg, 12 May 2017

New Emergences #8 The Other, The Self with keynote by Julia Eckhardt (DE/BE) and panel members Helena Engberg (SE), Susanne Kirchmayr (AT) and Remco Schuurbiers (NL/DE) – moderated by Fani Konstantinidou (GR/NL), and Semay Wu (UK) @ INTONAL, Malmö, Sweden, 29 April 2017

New Emergences #7 poetry, presence and empoerment, with Antje Greie Ripatti aka AGF, Kubra Khademi and Camae Ayewa aka Moor Mother, co-moderating with Andras Gaat, REWIRE, Korzo Club, Den Haag, 1 April 2017

OORSPRONG curators series/OCS edition, curated by Marije Baalman; with Marije Baalman (scrempler), Femke Bajesdorp (violin, electronics), Irina Baldini (movement), Jasna Velickovic (Velicon), Anne Wellmer (Sondols), Broedplaats Plantagedok/DokZaal, Amsterdam, March 27 2017

Vespers by Alvin Lucier, Maerzmusik, The Long Now with five original Sondols, performed by Liz Allbee, Alberto de Campo, Annette Krebs, Steffi Weismann, Anne Wellmer, Kaftwerk Berlin, 25–26 March 2017

READYMADE IN KOFFIE & AMBACHT curated by Lukas Simonis; with Martine von Gleich (viool), Pierre Bastien (trompet, snaarinstrumenten), Lukas Simonis (gitaar), Anne Wellmer (ARP 2600), KOFFIE & AMBACHT, Rotterdam, March 12, 2017

New Emergences #6 collecting perspectives, with Marije Baalman, Mariette Groot, Semay Wu, Networking for a Kaleidoscopic Scene, CTM-festival, Studio 1, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, 3 february 2017

• video works in the poetic condition | de dichterlijke aard   14 artists from the Netherlands and Aotearoa | New Zealand   group exhibtion at The Shutter Room, 7 Rust Ave, Whangarei, New Zealand   7 december 2016 – 14 january 2017


arp songs for radio (2016) and other works
  dr.klangendum's radio show on the concertzender

  at midnight on tuesday october 11 until 1 am on wednesday 12 october 2016

new emergences, as part of the organizing team,
  todaysart 2016, filmhuis, den haag, 24 sept 2016

Der Pfeifengarten (a piper's garden)
Three hours spent with my dad on a sunday in the spring of 2016 squooshed into three minutes: one hour at the St.Annenkirche in Dahlem where he used to play the organ as a student in the 1950s, then at the adjacent graveyard where he smoked a pipe wondering whether he would want to be buried there and afterwards with a piece of cake and cup of coffee at the café across the street.
  on AUDIO-DH, as one of 250 artists and one of 50 curators
  launch event at korzo theater, todaysart 2016, den haag, 22 sept 2016

electronic frequencies, concertzender, 21 sept 2016

arp songs, sonic explorations, zomerfestival 2016, circa...dit, arnhem, 1 sept 2016

Handle With Care, MA project for the Institute of Sonology
the project included updating the Sonology database, processing NMI's Raaijmakers Collection and integrating its catalogue into the new version of the Sonology database
Netherlands Music Institute, Institute of Sonology and Royal Conservatoire, The Hague
September 2013 – June 2016

• sound design and live electronics in VOX SANGUINIS by Cora Schmeiser
  de link in het cenakel, tilburg, march 1, 2016


• sound design and live electronics in VOX SANGUINIS by Cora Schmeiser
with music by Hildegard von Bingen and new compositions by
Giuliano Bracci, Kate Moore, Lukas Simonis, Boudewijn Tarenskeen and Aliona Yurtsevich
silent performer, stage design and director Geerten Ten Bosch
lighting design by Arnold Schalks
•  preview performances in Rotterdam, OCW, october 2, 3 and 4.
•  premiere in den bosch, november music, groot gasthuis, den bosch, saturday, november 7 2015
•  three shorter performances, groot gasthuis, den bosch, sunday, november 8th
•  ostadetheater, muziektheaterdagen amsterdam, december 15 and 16 2015

Een Rode Citroen | A Red Lemon (2010 | 2015)
Drawings: Geerten Ten Bosch. Animation: Harriët van Reek.
Sound: Anne Wellmer. Text: Helene Cixous. Voice: Stephie Büttrich-Kolman

The Transfusions residency with Cora Schmeiser and Geerten Ten Bosch, CLOUD, den haag, july & august 2015

lecture presentation at raaijmakers symposium, dag in de branding 36, korzo theater, den haag, may 16 2015


No.2 for a singing demolition ball
live at B.ring Y.our O.wn L.ifesaver : a the performance night with bmb con. & matteo marangoni
volkspaleis, zuiderstrandtheater, den haag, november 1 2014

stand in with arp2600 & laptop
live with charlemagne palestine & eric thielmans, todaysart 2014, zuiderstrandtheater, den haag, september 26 2014


ich bin möglich
live with burkhard stangl @ hotel pupik, schrattenberg, austria, august 15 2014

• live at Radio Wavings, , curated by Paul Devens, bureau europa, maastricht, may 3 2014

green piece
  with julia eckhardt (viola), Berghain, CTM Festival, Berlin, 29 january 2014

    appearance in live and return to sender with petra van der schoot, as part of expect the unexpected,
    • a 48 hour long live radio show celebrating the 30th birthday of the concertzender, 1 december 2013

    peepers plastic spoon
    • a quiet position: audio screening, south hill park arts center, bracknell, UK, 23 november 2013

    a conversation on alvin lucier with dieter mersch and german toro pérez
    • auge in auge mit alvin lucier, zhdk, zürich, switzerland, november 13 2013

    verkocht, the sound walk
    for youth theater group de toneelmakerij; download map & info hier
    • a sound walk from the maritime museum to the van gendthallen, amsterdam, september 7 - november 3 2013

    green piece
    • with julia eckhardt (viola), volkspaleis, electriciteitsfabriek, den haag, 19 september 2013

    analysis (shimmering)
    • ensemble klang, muziekgebouw, eindhoven, 12 september 2013
    • ensemble klang, concertgebouw, amsterdam, 14 september 2013

    lichtklangphonogramm finnissage performance
    in collaboration with melissa cruz garcia, aleks kolkowski and matteo marangoni; special guest: wen chin fu
    • musik sehen, ethnologisches museum, berlin-dahlem, 26.5.2013

    an exhibition of historical and re-invented optical and mechanical
    sound machines from the era of the wax cylinder phonograph

    inspired by the collection of the berlin phonogramm-archive / Berliner Phonogramm-Archiv
    a collaboration between the four artists melissa cruz garcia, aleks kolkowski, matteo marangoni and anne wellmer
    • musik sehen (probebühne1) ethnologisches museum, berlin-dahlem, 14.3.2013 - 25.5.2013

    • four channel solo performance, wonderwerp series, studio loos, den haag, december 2012

    member of acoustic staircase ensemble #2
    with petra van der schoot, siavash akhlaghi, siamak anvary
    performance with four players on 21 monochords by mireille hofwijk
    • operandi, staircase gemak, vrije academie, den haag, nov2012

    member of acoustic staircase ensemble #1
    with angel faraldo, yiannis tsirikoglou, fani konstantinidou, stelios manousakis, glenn ryszko, mike rijnierse
    performance with six players on 14 monochords by mireille hofwijk
    • ephemere series, staircase DCR, den haag, october 2012

    frozen voices (2001/2012)
    • installation, IMA reloaded | Intimate Spaces, IMA, hainburg, austria, september 2012

    • installation for 'summernest', nest, DCR, den haag, july 2012

    Sonic Exchange 2012
    a concert series initiated by Ursel Schlicht during documenta 2012
    • duo with Ursel Schlicht, Fotomotel Wolf 53, Kassel, june 2012

    a sound walk along the river vecht, collaboration with judith hofland
    • soundtrackcity, weesp, may 2012

    • Q-O2, brussels, february 2012

    der steierhörhut
    • a listening hat for 'ruhestörung', kingkong, mannheim, 13.-26.11.2011

    hot&cold do hit&blow, collaboration with artist relly tarlo
    installation performance
    • edith russ haus, oldenburg, germany, 12 november 2011

    chamber(s) for leftover ghosts
    installation in one room of the squatted former embassy building of the Congo in The Hague
    • eavesdropping, stichtingcentrum, villa K (formerly known as villakabila), den haag, 30 october 2011
    download eavesdropping booklet (10MB)

    among other things
    • four channel solo performance, Field Fest, Q-O2, Beursschouwburg, Brussel, 13 october2011

    KOFOMI #16
    resident composer at the "composer's forum mittersill"
    • schachernhof, mittersill, austria, sept2011

    a sound walk along the river vecht, collaboration with judith hofland
    • soundtrackcity, weesp, sept2011

    of music in language. sonifications
    on interpreting a selection of textworks by smit as music
    residency and performances with visual artist tanja smit and 7 composer/performers
    with orlando aguilar, jelte van andel, angel faraldo, marie guilleray, anne la berge, cora schmeiser
    • theater zeebelt, den haag, aug/sept2011

    analysis (shimmering)
    based on a scene from the movie Psycho and original music by Bernhard Herrmann
    written for ensemble klang (piano, percussion, trombone, saxphone, trumpet, guitar)
    • theater korzo, den haag, may2011

    for indian harmoniums and church organ
    with angel faraldo, marie guilleray, bjarni gunnarsson, ezequiel menalled, miguel negrao, yolanda uriz,
    geerten van de wetering
    • nacht van de hoop, grote kerk, den haag, april2011

    analog garden
    performance installation, beta version #2 realised with matteo marangoni
    museum of performed scores (and other accessible arts),
    • MoPs (aoaa), studio loos, den haag, 30 january 2011

    curating MoPS (aoaa)
    museum of performed scores (and other accessible arts)
    performances by yolanda uriz (solo), tanja smit (textworks), KRK (matthew ostrowski & george cremaschi,
    pascal plantinga (solo) and anne wellmer
    • studio loos, den haag, 30 january 2011

    analog garden
    •wolfart, rotterdam, 12 december 2010

    four times one with uiuiui koo (cora schmeiser, nina hitz, anne wellmer)
         and dancer merel roozen
    • crimmp, podium ocw, rotterdam, september 24 - 26 2010

    sferics by alvin lucier
    • recorded, composed and mixed on location for scaniaparken & full pull malmö, sweden, sept 4 - oct 3 2010

    bulles, a 24 hour lasting environmental performance shared with julien clauss
    • festival LLPF, barnave, france, july 24 2010

    modulation, a one hour long loop antenna radio broadcast, station de valdrôme
    • festival LLPF, barnave, france, july 31 2010

    rehearsals and performances of healing bells by joost van balkom, for carrillion, saxophone and soprano
    • at the top of the belltower in kathedral of den bosch, june 2010
    alvin lucier in den haag
    curator of the festival and editor of the accompanying publication everything is real (TAG publishing 2010)
    production of music for solo performer with artscience students from the royal academy.
    with bram vreven realisation of sferics as an installation in the celestial vault by james turrell
    • dag in de branding g16, korzo 5 hoog, de bink 36, the celestial vault, royal conservatory, may2010

    2009 sparkles
    • CD presentation of /2009/ at Q-O2 in brussels, belgium, may 2010

    sound library composed for LLOYD
    a radio play by Dick el Demasiado, Lukas Simonis, Anne Wellmer
    • VPRO, radio 6, hilversum, broadcast on march 7 2010

    IICIHBICSID (if i could i had but i couldn't so i didn't)
    live radio show for art's birthday with stephie büttrich
   • Café Sonore, VPRO, radio6, hilversum, jan 17 2010

    cassini's lied
    • performance with uiuiui koo, de link, tilburg, nov2009

    soundtrack for the film "people i could have been or maybe am" by boris gerrets, nov2009

    'nieuwe' geschiedenissen, een vogelvlucht perspectief
    a sound walk for ijburg, in collaboration with het blauwe huis/jeanne van heeswijk
    • commissioned by soundtrackcity, amsterdam, sept2009

    optosonic tea
    performance with barbara held, katherine liberovskaya and ursula scherrer
    • espai ubu, barcelona, spain, may2009

    analog signals
    • video presentation, espai ubu, Loop festival, barcelona, may2009

    • residency at Q-O2, brussels, belgium, may2009

    collaboration with katherine liberovskaya
    • performance at experimental intermedia, nyc, dec2008
    • residency at experimental TV center, owego/NY, dec2008

    uiuiui koo
    with music by david dramm, anne la Berge (jailbirds), lukas simonis (copycat killings),
    and uiuiui koo (kratersuite)
    • concert for DeSuite, BAMzaal, muziekgebouw a/h IJ, amsterdam, nov2008

    der steirerhörhut - the styrian listening hat
    commissioned by DUR - der unprivate raum - for the institut für kunst im öffentlichen raum, styria
    • steirisches heimatwerk, graz, austria, opening on oct20 2008

    nonlinear works and pieces by uiuiui koo featured in radio show by barbara held
    • barcelona, spain sept2008

    midi (musik ist der imperativ): milch ist die ideale materie in der ich mich intrigiert dadurch impulsiv
    morgens immer doch irre. piece for half-automatic-barrel-organ owned by mr.brico
    • brueckenmusik 14, cologne, germany, jun2008

    the krater sessions with uiuiui koo
    • wolfart, rotterdam, netherlands, jun2008

    katendrecht spacepoort
    lysn a composition by hilary jeffery; performance with hilary jeffery & chris long
    • COM.POST #3, de player, rotterdam, netherlands march2008

    hit and blow
    residency and performance with relly tarlo
    • Q-O2, brussels, belgium, feb2008

    Nieuwe Hollandse Meesters
    educative project in collaboration with joost nieuwenburg
    • HEDEN & johan de wit college, the hague, fall2007-spring2008

    performer in a trampoline production by jelte van andel
    • hetveem theater, amsterdam, dec2007

    uiuiui koo with guests
    • performances in hetveem theater, amsterdam, dec2007

    exhibition with documentary material about the work of dick raaijmakers
    • tesla, berlin, 1 nov - 2 dec 2007

    Scheitern Lernen | Het Leren Mislukken
    a three day event of conceptual music and performance art
    inspired by the work of dick raaijmakers
    • tesla, berlin, 1-3 november 2007

    pillowtalk | bettgefluester
    performance with remote partner jan truetzschler von falkenstein
    • IMA Salon#7 07, good bye privacy, ars electronica, linz, austria, sep2007

    fwd:inf [rec]
    sound stories - a work in progress
    • listening stattions at IMA Salon#7 07, good bye privacy, ars electronica, linz, sep2007

    tv orchestra workshop & tv piece
    • letne dielne, 13m3, bratislava, slovakia, aug2007

    performances with katherine liberovskaya and ursula scherrer
    • letne dielne, 13m3, bratislava, slovakia, august2007
    • hotel pupik, schrattenberg, austria, august2007

    residency and concert at IMAutomaat#1
    • kulturfabrik, hainburg, austria, august2007

    participation in exhibition zomersprookjes
    • oerol festival, terschelling, 15-24june2007

    peformance of tv instrument with live video projections by Adam Kendall
    • crackle noise and light, new york electronic arts festival, 3LD, nyc, 5 june 2007

    performance with aki sasamoto and arturo vidich
    • cmc fün night#4, prentis hall, computer music center, columbia university, nyc, may 2007

    tv instrument, work for audio controlled televisionsets
    • residency at harvestworks, may/june 2007
    performances of march2007, a composition for trio trafique,
    • villa streuli, winterthur, switzerland, 11 may 2007
    • gare du nord, basel, switzerland, 25 may 2007
    • tbilisi, georgia, 7 octouber 2007

    participation in the net-based realisation by matt rogalsky and laura cameron
    of alvin lucier's Quasimodo the Great Lover
    • location <tag>, the hague, may 10 2007

    concert with uiuiui koo
    • de player, rotterdam, 29 april 2007

    participation in exhibition sound art 101
    • ssamziespace, seoul, korea 24 april- 17 june 2007

    performer in parallel event by ji-hyun youn
    • muiderpoorttheater, amsterdam, march 2007

    performance with jelte van andel during residency at rood | noot
    • utrecht, march 2007

    performer in parallel event by ji-hyun youn
    • bourla, antwerp, feb2007

    performances of michelle pfff, de maan
    • koninklijke schouwburg, den haag, jan2006
    • plaza futura, eindhoven, jan2007
    • geleen, jan2007

    performance with marco ciciliani and steve heather
    • museumsnacht, van abbemuseum, eindhoven, nov2006

    performer in the impro-pool
    • live electronics festival, muziekgebouw a/h ij, amsterdam, nov2006

    performer in the sonic war game by xaf
    • live electronics festival, muziekgebouw a/h ij, amsterdam, nov2006

    performance with andrea parkins
    • next festival, bratislava, slovakia, nov2006

    green piece | memory maze with lucio capece
    • netwerk, aalst, oct2006

    performance with collin oldham
    • salon bruit, raumschiff zitrone, berlin, august2006

    performance with lukas simonis, anne la berge, mary oliver, marko ciciliani
    • kraakgeluiden, june2006

    green piece | memory maze with Q-O2
    • mex keller, dortmund, germany, may2006
    branches by john cage
    with jim fulkerson and nina hitz
    • electromagnetic bodies, V2, rotterdam, the netherlands, may2006

    performance of sonic war game by xaf
    • worm, rotterdam, april2006

    performer in radiotransmitter piece by vickram crishna
    • unbound sound, de waag, amsterdam, the netherlands, march2006

    performance with keiko oblaat
    • general public, berlin, germany, feb2006

    performances of michelle pff
    • de maan, theater kikker, utrecht, the netherlands, jan2005

    performer in die grosse partitur by elisabeth schimana and seppo gründler
    • connected performance, orf kunstaradio, january2006

    improv gig with justin bennett, stephie büttrich, hilary jeffery, lukas simonis
    • kraakgeluiden, OT301, amsterdam, dec2005

    performer in sonic war game by xaf
    • stateX festival, the hague, the netherlands, nov2005

    performances of escamotage by yannis kyriakides
    • theater aan het spui, the hague, the netherlands, oct2005

    michelle pff
    • de maan, stadsschouwburg, utrecht, the netherlands, oct2005

    green piece | memory maze
    for viola, feedback, sound track and light
    • for Q-O2, happy new ears, kortrijk, belgium, sept2005

    musician (analog synthesizers) in escamotage opera by yannis kyriakides,
    • forum neues musiktheater der staatsoper stuttgart, stuttgart, germany, july2005

    concert with stevie wishart and gloribel hernanadez
    • Xperiment>L, rotterdam, may2005

    piece of mind (2005), souvenirs entomologiques (1998)
    performed by stephie büttrich and jos mulder,
    • jauna musika, vilnius, lithuania, april2005

    green piece | memory maze
    • commisioned by Q-O2, les bains, brussels, feb2005

    magnitude: fuckedinagrandreadingulrikemeinhoffonamondayafternoon
    • clip by mxhz featuring nonlinear, berlin/brussels feb2005

    concert with matthew ostrowski and angie eng
    • {rake} the shanghai den, brooklyn NY, usa, dec2004

    solo set
    • share, open air, new york NY, usa, dec2004

    live sound for silent films, with justin bennett, yannis kyriakides, andy moore
    • joost rekveld presenteert 4d, filmmuseum, amsterdam, september2004

    concert with isabelle frodl
    • hotel pupik, schrattenberg, austria, august2004

    concert with heimo wallner
    • hotel pupik, schrattenberg, austria, august2004

    dna antenna and
    love songs, three sounding pieces for window sills, sound installation
    • hotel pupik, schrattenberg, austria, august2004

    artist in residence
    • hotel pupik, schrattenberg, austria, august2004

    concert with matt rogalsky
    • spark, jan van eyck academie, maastricht, netherlands, july2004

    concert with matt rogalsky, anne la berge
    • open arena, hfg, karlsruhe, germany, june2004

    concerts with matt rogalsky, anne la berge, lukas simonis
    • w h i t e n o i s e w h i t e s p a c e #2, de witte ruimte, den haag, june2004
    • kraakgeluiden, ot301, amsterdam, june2004

    concert with matt bauder
    • rundgang, hfg, karlsruhe, june2004

    performance with mary oliver, biggie vinkeloe and magpie
    • bimhuis, amsterdam, june2004

    instant music concerts
    performances with gloribel hernandez, keir neuringer, dani meir, may2004
    • <tag>, den haag
    • worm, rotterdam
    • extrapool, nijmegen
    • ot301, amsterdam

    okno #1
    concert with guy van belle
    • de ijskelders, brussels, may2004
    • video stream: argos festival, brussels, belgium, oct2004

    w h i t e n o i s e w h i t e s p a c e #1
    performance with gloribel hernandez, keir neuringer, dani meir
    • de witte ruimte, den haag, may2004

    • curating w h i t e n o i s e w h i t e s p a c e
    a performance series

    concert lukas simonis with grand mal
    • kraakgeluiden project #4/2004, ot301, amsterdam , april2004

    performance with aki sasamoto, dan st.clair, charlie wilmoth and tim eastman
    • at the MPR, campus center, wesleyan university, middletownCT, usa, april2004

    • www performance, norwich gallery, norwich, uk, march2004

    artist in residence
    • school of the art institute of chicago, chicago, usa, march2004

    release of DVD surround music on wergo,jan2004

    release of CD LuisterPost on lokaal O1 LP-CD01

    i repeat
    • concert with sis, kraakgeluiden project, overtoom301, amsterdam, dec2003

    concert and workshop with grand mal
    • university of east anglia, norwich, uk, oct2003

    performance with trevor wishart and lukas simonis
    • montevideo, kraakgeluiden festival, gaudeamus week, amsterdam, sept2003

    i am sitting in a picture
    • 1’ film on website www.actuelemuziek.nl, sept2003

    performance with whiteblueyellowandclouds
    • 256washington, middletownCT, june2003

    chiribiquete by ricardo arias
    • engine 27, nyc, usa, may2003

    performance with whiteblueyellowandclouds
    • 79high, middletownCT, usa, may2003

    concert with ricardo arias
    • no echo festival, mpr, middletownCT, usa, may2003

    south indian music recital
    • wmh, wesleyan university, middletownCT, usa, may2003

    my sruti box
    performance for story tellers, musicians, lamps, oscilloscopes and powerbooks
    • world music hall, wesleyan university, middletownCT, usa, april2003

    performer in lines and spaces by matt bauder
    • world music hall, middletownCT, usa, march2003

    music for semi-formalingo by arturo vidich with whiteblueyellowandclouds
    • cfa theater, wesleyan university, middletownCT, usa, march2003

    performer in pin by mark nelson
    • bodoin college, brunswick, maine, usa, march2003

    time is rigid - the five o'clock game show
    daily 10 minute performance game allowing for no interaction
    • in time is liquid, cfa tunnels, wesleyan university, feb-april2003

    performance with matt rogalsky and chris miller
    • wesleyan world music weekend, wmh, middletownCT, usa, feb2003

    time is liquid
    installation for tunnel, microphones and oscilloscopes
    for the wesleyan world music weekend, 40 year anniversary
    • cfa tunnels, wesleyan university, middletownCT, usa, feb-april2003

    initiator of the radio art transmmitter and member of the r.a.t. syndicate
    r.a.t. is a weekly radio show dedicated to radio art
    • friday 5-7pm on wesu middletown 88.1 since feb2003

    performance of travelling barefoot mappings#5 with guy de biëvre guitar
    • elf, konzert zum hoeren und sehen, galerie haferkamp, koeln, germany, dec2002

    performance of travelling barefoot mappings#4 solo
    • harvestworks, meet the composer, nyc, nov2002
    • cuba, geraeschweltenfestival, aufabwegen, muenster, germany, dec2002
    • mex, zehn jahre mex, dortmund, germany, dec2002

    pattern for white grey yellow and red usa october 2002
    written for and performed by the antares quartet
    • crowell hall, middletown, ct, usa, nov2002

    little blue space
    • blueloftluisterpost, lokaal 01, breda, october2002

    computer controlled sound installation
    • ccnoa, brussels, june2002

    foundsounds, concert with daphna naftali and ursel schlicht
    • goethe institut, nyc, june2002

    concerts with ppp – grand mal unsound –
    percussion justin bennett, piano dan st.clair, powerbook anne wellmer
    • mpr, wesleyan university, middletown, may2002
    • roulette, nyc, may2002

    release of the cd perfect fit by grand mal
    Stephie Büttrich voice, Justin Bennett percussion and electronics, Anne Wellmer electronics

    recorded at STEIM in Amsterdam, Wart Wamsteker recording engineer, Martin King (London) mastering studio
    • unsounds03, amsterdam, april2002

    concerts with whiteblueyellowandclouds
    • mpr, wesleyan university, middletown, ct, march2002
    • india house, middletown, ct, may2002
    • slowdance party, art house, middletown, ct, usa, oct2002

    performance of fontana net by matt rogalsky
    • cage event, maerz music, berliner festspiele, berlin, march2002
    • internet linked performance, university of east anglia, norwich, uk, april2002

    lost on temptation island
    a performance that does not take place
    • the new music mini festival, wmh, wesleyan university, middletown, march2002

    performances of travelling barefoot mappings#3
    • experimental intermedia, new york, ny, march2002
    • mpr, wesleyan university, middletown, may2002

    test tone
    for sruti box, microphone and loudspeaker
    • crowell hall, wesleyan university, middletown, feb2002

    performance of travelling barefoot mappings#3
    with matt bauder, tenor sax, and chris dahlgren, double bass
    • concert at wesleyan university, middletown, ct, usa, dec2001

    performance of travelling barefoot mappings#2 solo
    • festival electroluxe, tonic, new york, usa, oct2001

    tally luna atlanticipated, in transit, die liebe geht durch den magen a not very virtual
    journey through the human body, trio boddendijk/vd heide/wellmer
    • performance at the nyyd festival, van krahl theater, tallinn, estland, oct2001

    frozen voices
    installation and concert for canten les pedres in collaboration
    with barabara held and pere noguera
    • sales municipals d'exposicio, girona, spain, june-sep2001

    performance of travelling barefoot mappings#2
    •festival musica a metronom, metronom, barcelona, spain, june2001
    •festival musica tretze, museu emporda, figueras, spain, june2001

    sound for the video installation die krähe by sonja wyss
    • black cube 7, de balie, amsterdam, mei2001

    music composition and live performance in
    tales of stillness by choreographer désiree delauney
    • premiered in frascati theater, amsterdam, april2001

    sonic war game
    • transmediale, podewil, berlin, feb2001

    performances of die liebe geht durch den magen a not very virtual journey
    through the human body & in transit
    with boddendijk/vd heide/wellmer
    • rotterdam music biennal 2001, rotterdams conservatorium, feb2001

    travelling barefoot mappings#1
    interactive audiovisual composition for anne la berge flutes
    and carl beukman double bass
    • premiered at korzo theatre, den haag, jan2001

    concert with grand mal
    • club lynx, korzo theater, den haag, dec2000

    workshop and performances of die liebe geht durch den magen a not very
    virtual journey through the human body & in transit with boddendijk/vd heide/wellmer
    • fortbildungszentrum für neue musik, lüneburg, germany, oct2000

    concert with justin bennett
    • meinebank, ehemalige staatsbank, berlin, germany, oct2000

    concert with speechwater
    • trytone festival, paradiso, amsterdam, oct2000
    • festival 'wie es ihr gefällt', kesselhaus, kulturbrauerei, berlin, oct2000

    music and performance for O+E a network opera between the waag amsterdam
    and audiorom in london
    • nemo, amsterdam, oct2000

    concert with anne la berge, dafna naphtali and cor fuhler
    • kraakgeluiden, entrepotdok, sept2000

    concert with christine wildbolz
    • basel meets rotterdam, tent, rotterdam, sept2000

    virtual journey through the body performance with zeitblom and xaf as die sonologen
    on the occasion of the 40 year celebration of the gsf science and research institute munich
    • gsf, munich, germany, juli2000

    no coil, solo concert on the occasion of the presentation of the axis reader
    • v2, rotterdam, june2000

    workshop and concerts performances of tally luna atlanticipated & interreality with
    boddendijk/vd heide/wellmer
    • fortbildungszentrum für neue musik, lüneburg, germany, june2000

    • kraakgeluiden, entrepotdok, mei2000

    lecture and presentation of my work
    • wesleyan university, middletown, usa, april2000
    • columbia university, new york city, usa, may2000

    concert with grand mal
    • entrepotdok, amsterdam, april2000
    • het archief, den haag, april2000
    fiber jelly
    network performance with scanner, nic collins, zeitblom, justin bennett and kaffe matthews
    • cyberjelly, zentrum für kunst und medientechnologie, karlsruhe, germany, jan2000

    live mixing of t.(h.).a.t.(l.q.)l.e.(t.e.) for in(x)situ by thomas körtvélyessy
    • nederlands dansplatform, lantaren venster, rotterdam, december 1999

    dj during the opening of exhibition
    • stedelijk museum, schiedam, oct99

    concert in a sound installation by relly tarlo and jacoba bedaux
    performed by relly tarlo glas instrument and anne wellmer voice
    • oude kerk, amsterdam, june99

    lao tse's lover
    music and sound design for lao tses lover by monica blok and rené blom
    • studio habertu, amsterdam, june-july99

    ensemble grand mal
    stephie büttrich vocals, justin bennett percussion and anne wellmer electronics
    • lokaal 01, breda, june99

    this speach - interreaction by edwin vd heide
    performed with trio boddendijk/vd heide/wellmer
    • open electronisch festival, grand theatre, groningen, june99
    • rumor festival, ekko, utrecht, june99

    soundtrack for the theatre piece die zeit vor der zeit
    by ulrike kirsten hanne, in collaboration with stephie büttrich.
    • premiered at the theaterforum, stuttgart, germany, april99

    the millennium bug or the bald and the beautiful
    or after und reprise von bevor
    • released on leonardo music journal compilation cd, spring99

    in collaboration with justin bennett soundtrack and live sounds
    for the artificial life installation by jane prophet
    • the national museum of film and photography in bradford, uk, april999

    rondzingen performance for a singing demolition ball, for the soundroute
    of wonderbaarlijk den haag, on the occasion of the 750 year anniversary of the city
    • theater aan het spui, the hague, september98

    sound installation labyrinth, a collaboration with justin bennett,
    • wonderbaarlijk den haag, theater aan het spui, the hague, september98

    resonance & reason
    two studies, stephie büttrich voice, anne wellmer voice and electronics
    resonance for two voices in a space and reason for two manipulated voices in two loudspeakers.
    • cem, café sonore, het veem café, amsterdam, june98
    • lokaal 01, breda, june99

    perpetuum (im)mobile
    live 6 channel soundtrack for the dance performance by thomas körtvelyessy
    • six public spaces, rotterdam, may98
    • dodorama, rotterdam, july98

    the sound for a video installation by boris gerrets
    • april98

    souvenirs entomologiques, a collaboration with video artist boris gerrets,
    performance for voice, video and soundtrack,
    commisioned by stichting rumori and the nes theaters, amsterdam
    • premiered at rumori festival, theater frascati, amsterdam, march98
    • world wide video festival, amsterdam, september98
    • huis a/dwerf, utrecht, december98
    • korzo theater, january99

    tapepiece t.(h.).a.t.(l.q.)l.e.(t.e.),
    • released on compilationcd hedah 500 rpm, maastricht, january98

    live music for the dance piece nordXwald/waldstücke
    by thomas körtvélessy and andreas simon,
    • fabrik heeder, krefeld, germany, january98

    tape piece, me tamo rfo zen,
    • released on compilationcd in keller, the hague, november97

    a 40' piece for a woman and a space and loudspeakers and microphones, realized during
    a composers residency at the huis a/d werf in utrecht from september97 through to november97,
    co-produced by steim in amsterdam
    • premiered at huis a/d werf, november97
    • korzo theater, the hague, february98

    live radio show
    • de verborgen stad, de vleeshal, middelburg, october97

    cut - amor's arrows and errors
    my thesis recital, a music theatre production including dea ex macchina medea ex
    with anouk spiess, patterns with stephie büttrich, labOratorium with bmbcon., ultrasound,
    stephie büttrich, thomas körtvelyessy, a.o.
    • korzo theater, the hague may97

    singer in guilty, a drama for musicians by matthew ostrowski
    • korzo theater, the hague, may97

    voice on a tape in liefste, an opera by toon vandevorst
    • korzo theater, the hague, april97
    ohne titel
    10'-20' piece for various taperecorders, radio, voices and microphones
    • sonology discussion concert, royal conservatory, the hague, march97
    • universiteitstheater amsterdam, crossover festival, april97

    voice in a live version of poéme électronique by edgar varèse with paul koek, percussion,
    florentijn boddendijk & edwin van der heide, electronics
    • cover night, steim, amsterdam, february97

    gregorian chant with mikae natsuyama cho
    • steim mediacafé, amsterdam, february97
    • english church, the hague, june97
    • emmaus chapel, the hague, september97
    • the hague, christmas, december98

    ice music for an installation by ed annink, with boddendijk/vd heide/wellmer
    • atrium, nieuwe stadshuis, den haag, december96

    performance with the light sensor instrument
    developed by halli karlsson & olivier heijmans
    • steim mediacafé, amsterdam, december96

    analog electronics in sonapuncture by robert ovetz
    • kc lab@korzo, the hague, december96

    the singer in music hall for 3 ensembles and a singer by joost van balkom,
    text by paul van ostaaien
    • inauguration of the new concerthall in tilburg, december96

    broers, cooperation with eric du pon (childrens theater director and actor)
    for the childrens theater festival stukspelen
    • theater kikker, utrecht, october96

    dea ex macchina
    medea ex
    15' a solo for a woman moving in a space
    • haags tumult, royal conservatory, the hague, april96
    • sonic acts, paradiso, amsterdam, august96
    • huis a/d werf, utrecht, december98
    • korzo theater, the hague, january99

    stage supervision and choreography in collaboration with thomas körtvelyessy for
    the king of spades, an opera by piotr klimek
    • haags tumult, royal conservatory, the hague, april96

    the wilmaphonestupidshow
    monthly radio show on radio tonka in the hague, march96-june2000

    recordings of my voice for logos protos by konrad boehmer, male voice kalle mews
    • recorded 1996. premiere festival terza prattica, felix meritis, amsterdam, dec2000

    tally luna atlanticipated
    a monomedia performance based on fictive flights to the moon with a balloon
    a trio project with florentijn boddendijk and edwin van der heide
    • deaf festival, rotterdam, november95
    • extremen, korzo, the hague, december95
    • straattheater festival, delft, june96, adaption for theater, with hollandia
    • steim, amsterdam, june96
    • sonic acts festival, paradiso, amsterdam, august96
    • bec, bonn, germany, september96
    • paard, den haag, december96
    • concertgebouw, amsterdam, january97
    • exploding cinema, international filmfestival rotterdam in with paul koek, feb97
    • steim betriebsausflug, podewil, berlin, february97
    • theater kikker, utrecht, march97
    • steim, amsterdam, october97
    • cyberslag festival, usva theater, groningen, may98
    • lmc festival, purcell room, southbank centre, london, may98

    participation in scheuer im haag, a music theater project of the faculty beeld&geluid,
    under the guidance of dick raaijmakers
    • royal conservatory, the hague, october95

    performer next to isak goldschneider in cascando, a radio piece for music and voice
    by samuel beckett, a cooperation project of the faculties composition and sonology
    under the supervision of clarence barlow
    • schoenberg zaal, royal conservatory, the hague, june95

    HIAN a piece about love and death
    15' opera for two voices, percussionist, dancer and two analog synthesizers
    • hagnik festival, zeebeelt theater, the hague, may95

    14' improvisation for dancer and two analog synthesizers; with thomas körtvelyssy
    • theater kikker, utrecht, april95

    with matthew ostrowski and bmb con.
    • undanceable houseparty, maldoror gallery, the hague, april95

    soprano in preludes by paul doornbusch for a capella voices, text t.s. elliot
    • opening the mei-festival, royal conservatory, the hague, march95

    the voice of stimmlich a tape piece by kees tazelaar, text by georg trakl
    • premiered in the mei-festival, royal conservatory, the hague, march95

    since94 many performances with the sono-ensemble including
    • picoridibibi by isak goldschneider and kind of random zonal order by domenico sciano,
    royal conservatory, the hague, november94
    • mei-festival, royal conservatory, the hague, march95
    • extremen, korzo, the hague, december95 with richard barrett

    le donne immobile
    10' performance for two singers and electronics
    • sonikcacts festival, paradiso, amsterdam, august94

    3' improvisation for walkmen, cassette-players and dancer
    • dansakademie, rotterdam, june94

    3' composition for voice and sampler
    • sonologie-discussion-concert, royal conservatory, the hague, june94

    by matthew ostrowski, voices stephie büttrich and aw, electronics mo
    • mei-festival, royal conservatory, the hague
    • zeebeelt-theater, the hague
    • init, amsterdam

    3' composition for tape
    • royal conservatory, the hague, feb94


    eine tote frau ist eine gute frau
    10' tape piece



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