textworks by tanja smit / derivations by anne wellmer

performers (subject to change) :
ãngel faraldo, marie guilleray, matteo marangoni, sandra pujols, cora schmeiser, tanja smit, yolanda uriz, anne wellmer


tanja smit's textworks explore and expose language in it's printed form. They consist of simple, repetitive manual interventions in already existing printed texts, which vary from newspaper- and magazine articles to whole books. Some interventions are more formal and some are more content-based, though in general they are both; exploring the hidden structures and meanings of the text. They are meditations on language, obsession, music, power, play, design, structure and beauty.

a small selection of the textworks will be performed. they will be used as musical graphic scores. anne wellmer's graphic derivations consist of an array of isolated single layers. added are musical rules/instruction.


textworks by tanja smit


derivations by anne wellmer


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