first edition 30 jan 2011



museum of performed scores
and other accessible arts

in 2010 the newly elected right-wing-liberal government in the netherlands (consisting of the VVD and the CDA) announced their plans to end the unique and generous dutch support system for the contemporary arts. From now on the performing arts will no longer receive any significant financial support. Musea on the other hand are considered worthy of state funding if they are committed to present easily accessible art. We are therefor happy to present to you the newly still to be founded museum of performed scores and other accessible arts. come and bring us all your money or 3 euro and a pillow.

edition 1

anne wellmer • analog garden (15') • performance/installation voor laptops
yolanda uriz (processed flute) + yamila rios (processed cello) (15')
tanja smit • textworx (5') performed by (subject to change) :
..ãngel faraldo, marie guilleray, matteo marangoni, sandra pujols, cora schmeiser, yolanda uriz

• pauze •

KRK • matthew ostrowski (electronics) + george cremaschi (contrabas) (40')
pascal plantinga (bass guitar, voice, video) • soundscape pop (15')

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